Bezold Rechtsanwälte

Dr. Jürg Kasper offers highly professional yet cost effective solutions to legal issues for both legal entities and private individuals.

We provide consulting and personal service for Gemany-based and foreign clients. Dr. Jürg Kasper ensures high quality services in each area of law it covers. 

Dr. Jürg Kasper holds traditionally strong positions in such areas as Labour Law, Family Law, Law of Inheritance, Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Contract Law. 

Our strengths are: business-oriented approach to service provision, deep expertise in each of the areas we work in, as well as capability to find innovative legal solutions for our corporate clients, which allow them to be flexible and properly responsive to changing conditions of the markets, thus ensuring their success.

We pay special attention to keeping strict confidentiality in respect of our services as well as using individual approach to every client.

On our team we have lawyers speaking German, English, Russian and Spanish.